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Located in the heart of silicon valley, our clinic aims to provide an advanced, comprehensive care in OB-GYN.  Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for mothers, babies, and gynecological patients, based on scientific evidence and extensive experience of the doctor who has taught and practiced in both academic and private practice setting over the past two decades. We will treat our patients with courtesy and maintain excellent communications.

The primary focus of our clinic is  you and meeting your health care needs in obstetrics and gynecology.  We feel this goal is best achieved by

     mutual respect and trust

     individual attention to the need of each patient

     continuity of care through prenatal care, delivery and beyond  by the same doctor 
     easy access and partnership with the doctor

Far too often in this day of assembly- line like medical care prevalent in this area, the need of each patient can be overlooked.  Several providers make an extensive use of physician extenders with less qualification and training than a board certified physician. We are dedicated to achieving the highest standard and encourage an active participation in your care.

The following is the brief summary of Dr Noh’s professional profile.

Dr. Tae W. Noh, MD

Work History

Nov. 2001 - present : private practice

July, 1991 - Oct. 2001
Full time teaching faculty,senior surgical consultant
     Dep. of Ob-Gyn, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Clinical assistant professor, Stanford University School 
     of  Medicine


March 1982 - Feb. 1986 
     Yonsei University, College of Medicine, Seoul Korea

Postgraduate Education: July 1987 - June, 1991
OB/GYN residency, Columbia, college of physicians &  
     Surgeons  affiliated program at Harlem Hospital Center &
     Morristown Memorial Hospital.



NY LICENSE - 183212

KOREAN - 34434

Board Certification
American Board of OB-GYN  (nOV. 1993)
Recertified Annually since 2001

Hospital Affiliation
O'Connor Hospital, Active member
Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, Active member

2010 : Chair, Quality Assurance committee. OB-Gyn. O'Connor
2005 : President, Shufelt Gynecological Society of Santa Clara 
2004 : Program Director, Shufelt Gynecological Society of Santa Clara
1991-present : Member, Shufelt Gynecological Society of Santa Clara 
1994-present : Fellow, American College of Obstetricians and
          Gynecologists (ACOG)

Community Service
1994-1996 Vice president, Director of the Board, Korean American
     Community Service (United Way Organization)
1998-2000 Dirtector of the board, Korean Community Service
2000 Honored as the best teaching attending by the graduating OB-GYN


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